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problem with width of ‘ul’ when ‘ul’ float left and ‘li’ float right

22/02/2012 - Xem: 839

example 1
example 2 - 
example 3 - 
example 4 - 

IN IE7 when ‘ul’ float: left and ‘li’ float:left, the width of ‘ul’ is ok. but when ‘ul’ float:left and ‘li’ float: right, the width of ‘ul’ is 100%(the background yellow). What should i do to make the width of ul when ‘li’ float:right is look like ‘li’ float:left. i can’t set width of ul because it’s must depends on ‘li’. width of ‘ul’ = total width of ‘li’.

because both   and   are default display:block, so i can’t set display:inline for

  • .

    NOTE : only use CSS, not javascript.

    Please help me !!!

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